Israel expected to ‘enforce’ consequences for Iran if ‘no one else will’

Sky News Australia
Dans Asie / Australie

Shadow Home Affairs Minister James Paterson expects Israel to have a “carefully calibrated” response to Iran’s aerial attacks over the weekend. Iran said the missile attack on Israel was in retaliation for a strike on an Iranian consular building in Syria earlier this month, which killed two Iranian generals. Israel's retaliatory strike against Iran is understood to be imminent. “Iran has done something that it’s never done before – it has never so overtly launched an attack on Israel,” Mr Paterson told Sky News host Sharri Markson. “I understand why many Israelis feel – and I suspect the government feels – that Iran has to pay a price for this. “It wants Iran to understand that there are consequences for this behaviour and that if no one else will enforce those consequences, then Israel will.”

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