Israel will not let Iran ‘get away’ with its ‘serious escalation of violence’

Sky News Australia
Dans Asie / Australie

Shadow Home Affairs Minister James Paterson says a “very important threshold” has been crossed with Iran’s unprecedented aerial attack on Israel. Iran said the missile attack on Israel was in retaliation for a strike on an Iranian consular building in Syria earlier this month, which killed two Iranian generals. Israel's retaliatory strike against Iran is understood to be imminent. “If someone did that to us, we would regard that as a declaration of war and we would expect our government to respond accordingly,” Mr Paterson told Sky News host Sharri Markson. “The reason why Iran has got away with this is because everyone is so used to Iran waging war on Israel through its proxies – through Hezbollah and Hamas and the Houthis and others. “It’s my expectation that Israel will want to reassert that deterrence by demonstrating to Iran that there is a very real cost for this behaviour and they can’t get away with this very serious escalation of violence.”

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